Zach Barr

Hello! This is Zach – I'm a freelance artist working in the Chicago area. In addition to the directing, writing, and criticism listed on the front page, I've also worked as a stage manager, literary manager, copywriter, publicity organizer, live-tweeter, and venue book-er for companies all around the city. I try to do a little of everything, although the directing/writing/criticism are certainly the focus (that's why they get that fancy opening page all to themselves).

I am proud to serve as the Literary Associate at Sideshow Theatre Company, and as a staff writer at Scapi Magazine. My critical writing has been seen at Newcity Stage Chicago, and my blog The Hanslick Girls structures criticism as a conversation between three fictional voices, rather than my own.

I graduated from Northwestern University in June 2017 with a B.A. in Theatre and Department Honors in Directing. Since then, I've worked on a few projects: stage managing Saint Joan for Poetic Forum Collective, directing Grouped for Otherworld Theatre Company's PARAGON Festival, and ASM for Kokandy Productions' Grand Hotel. I am currently directing Bicycle Thieves with Littlebrain Theatre, as part of Rhinofest 2019. Later projects this season will include a forthcoming video series about lost musicals (releases in March), and a trip out to Kirkland, WA to direct Peter Pan for Studio East (performances May/June).

Originally from Redmond, WA – the real Northwest. With love to Adam/Maura/Madeline/Keenan/Noah.